1. Darkness Stars

From the recording You Are Acres

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Darkness Stars
© 2011 Wolff Bowden

Guess you loved me best when I had nothing
Canvases all turned against the wall
Thought I caught a river in your portrait
What reflects and what gets left beyond

You who fed my darkness stars
Left a trail of bread when I was lost
Touched the dust where I had fallen down
Remember me now

Left you sleeping in your coral castle
Summer rain like babies being born
Madagascar jasmine round our ankles
Scent of someone missing all along

You who fed my darkness stars
Hid my gasoline when I was fire
Walked the tidepools in your gown
Remember me now

Suddenly we rise
Years after the years of rain have dried

You who fed my darkness stars
Broke my old piñata like a heart
Scattering my dreams upon the ground
Remember me now
Remember me now