From the recording You Are Acres

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While We Were Sleeping
© 2011 Wolff Bowden

While we were sleeping the weather got warmer
and all of the icebergs, they wept
and astronauts noticed black spots on the oceans
like boils on the chests of the dead

Come on, let’s wake,
Come on, let’s wake,
Come on, let’s wake,

While we were sleeping our children were drinking
from creeks where the frogs floated dead
and poisons rained down onto God’s chosen ground
so that every last mouth could eat bread

And If I had light
I would shine it in your eyes
And if I had songs
I would sing them until dawn
when the sun would come
and shake us away
and shake us away

While we were sleeping the last wolves were bleeding
from bullets fired out of a plane
The cowards stepped down on the snow covered ground
and said “this is how progress is made”