1. Everytime

From the recording On The Night You Were Born

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Words and Music by Wolff Bowden © 2007 ASCAP

Everytime I run, everytime I fall

Everytime the sun paints the Western wall

Everytime I stand before the ocean blue

my feet covered in sand, I think of you

Everytime the rain, paints the bushes black

Everytime the wind makes the treetops laugh

Every single thing I win, single thing I lose

when I touch my lips, I think of you

Everytime my face hits the pillowcase

Everytime the clouds drift in funny shapes

Everytime the stars gather round the moon

no matter where you are, I think of you

Everytime the night brings the cold around

Everytime I leave this sleepy mountain town

Everywhere I go, everything I do

my boots covered in snow, I think of you