1. Brave Then

From the recording The Animal Groom

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Brave Then

I miss the scent of ashes and wind
in clothes we dried over the fire
that autumn in Austin when love was a novel
that stretched on for hundreds of miles

The circus rolled past as we sat by the tracks
the lions asleep in their hay
I knew I’d be leaving without giving you reason
When I saw the bear in his chains…

Megan, I wish I’d been brave then
I threw your wedding dress into the fire
and all September burned to embers
when all I ever wanted was your smile

Ten years have gone since I slept in your arms
my hat pulled down over my face
Oh how you danced with the sky in your hands
I’m still in love with those days

I wasn’t there when you cried on the stairs
and the sadness rose up through your blood
The first one who came, yeah,
when he spoke your name, yeah
You married him fast as you could

And I have fallen like the leaves
It could have been. It could have been. Me.

Orchids have fallen from clouds blue and swollen
and rivers have entered the sea
Time has gone twisted like vines as you kissed him
and I think you were thinking of me

Now worn photographs are all that I have
and a scrap of white lace that I saved
From the dress that you wore when I couldn’t be yours
but, I’m yours, yeah, I’m yours anyway

Copyright Wolff Bowden, 2008