From the recording The Animal Groom

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Lauren’s Forest

We went down to Lauren’s Forest
just the other afternoon
She was buried in those cedars
seven years ago last June

I can’t remember how she smiled
I dug a hundred pictures out
and threw them all into the fire
and nearly burned our new house down

Breathing in, I’m breathing in
Breathing out, I’m breathing out
feel the sunlight on my skin feel my feet upon the ground
Now, Ooh Now. Now, Ooh Now

Just three weeks before our wedding
she went swimming in the lake
I found her body pale and floating
like a boat in outer space

I couldn’t stop my eyes from crying
My voice from calling her name out
On the day we planned our wedding
I put my shotgun in my mouth
I was sitting in the closet
when her sister Clara came
and reached into my deepest darkness
and pulled the shotgun from my face

I didn’t mean to hold her so close
I didn’t mean to touch her skin
But ever since she saved my life
Clara’s been my one true friend

Some nights I hear Lauren whisper
will you come to see me soon?
I know you married my younger sister
I love you both, you know I do

On a cold and foggy morning
Clara gave birth to a girl
and now you have a little angel
to carry your name around the world

Copyright Wolff Bowden, 2008