1. The Postman

From the recording The Animal Groom

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The Postman

Yes, I’m just a Postman
I’ve been walking all my life
I still love September when
the leaves turn into fire

I’ve heard that there are letters
that burn blisters on your hands
I never wrote somethin’ like that
but if I had the chance…

Come Wind, come Snow, come Rain
come Heartbreak, Hurricane

I’m on my way
I’m on my way

I saw Ms. Melissa
with her face wrapped up in gauze
so I took her walking
down along the reservoir

She said she was broken
and I pointed to the swan
everybody knows her wing
was shattered by a car

Come wind…

I carry all these letters
But I don’t know what’s inside
I stare into the mirror
and the words begin to rise

I finally wrote a poem when
her bandages came off
then I spent the winter
with my lips on every scar

Come wind…

Yes, I’m just a Postman
I’ve been lonely all my life
But now that summer’s coming
I find love is in my stride

I wrote Ms. Melissa
every poem of my days
Every book of wilderness
every word of flames

Copyright Wolff Bowden, 2008