From the recording The Animal Groom

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Bird in the Corn

In my dream we were planting trees
bloodtwig dogwood and sycamore
Sometimes I don’t say what I mean
leaving you like a bird in the corn

We don’t ask, we don’t recognize
when the rain pours like a wound
We stayed up all night to watch the lightning
storm turn trees into piles of wood

Swing slow sweet blade
hungry for all you take away
no one can say
when you’ll come and return us to the clay

Daylight comes and the fields are flooded
we watch the farmers from the roof
All their shining brides are hiding
in the cloak of the animal groom

Bat flies in through the attic window
spider hides behind the door
Aren’t we just like them, finding shelter
where we can like a bird in the corn

Copyright Amanda Birdsall, 2008