From the recording American Son

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World To Change

I woke up this morning with this song in my hands
the dreams of our fathers were turning to ash
I saw the statue of Liberty shaking her head
I threw on my boots and I leapt out of bed

We Won’t Wait for the World to Change
We Won’t wait for the sleepers to wake
we’ll step out into the streets and be brave
We Won’t Wait for the World to Change

We’re just trying to make some sense of this place
This country of colors and hungers and shapes
There’s a parrot perched on our shoulders who says
that the earth is collapsing right under our beds

It’s not about spinning the people with the press
There’s a deal being made between the living and the dead
between the queen of the trees and the ocean’s sweet depth
between earning a buck and taking a breath

They say you can only keep what you give
Let’s stop building mansions and learn how to live
And the hurricane’s coming, so give me a kiss
while the moon turns the night into morning again

Lyrics Copyright Jay Thomas Wolff Bowden, 2010-2017