1. Owl Mountain

From the recording American Son

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Owl Mountain

When I was young my mother told me
There is an owl that lives inside your chest
And sings in a cage of bones and breath

We came upon a thousand mountains
We didn’t know the way until an owl
came but only the children could see him

Na na na na--na na na--na na na

After a month of walking we were
all just Bags of skin and sticks
A man said find that owl and kill him

All of the children made a circle
Lifted their tired hands into the sky
The owl landed in the nest of their fingers

Na na na na--na na na--na na na
Just as the man reached out the children
Started to shout the owl spread his wings
and the children lifted

That’s why they call it owl mountain
Rising above the mighty sea
Where children swim and the owl still sings
Na na na na--na na na--na na na
Lyrics Copyright Jay Thomas Wolff Bowden, 2010-2017