From the recording Poems That Live As People

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The Wind Is With Us Now

Born with whales’ hearts inside our tiny chests
We decided we would fight until we fell
All the songs we wrote on tattered canvas sails
Gave us one more room in one more sad hotel

Started out with the wind in our faces
Took us thirty years to learn to turn around
But the wind is with us now
But the wind is with us now
But the wind is with uuuuus nooooow

Kiss the blades of grass they ask so little of us
All our lives we have been traitors to our mother
yet the seeds we dropped like pennies on the soil
rose as if we’d been forgiven

Repeat Chorus

Woooo-ooo-oooo-ooo-ooo-oooow-ooo-ooo-oooow x2
things that we were chasing started running after us x 2

Repeat Chorus

Noooooow, noooow

© 2012 Wolff Bowden & Amanda Birdsall