1. Icarus

From the recording Poems That Live As People

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I built the fire in
The grooves of your naked ribs
On went the wind
And on went the breath
And you on the dunes with your hands in the air

Father my feathers are all gone
Climbing the sky to the old sun
Might be the best thing I’ve eeeeeever done


I let the record spin
The needle too deaf to sing
On went the black
And on went the rage
The lilies we left on the edge of the stage

Repeat Chorus

And all I thought I lost, IIII---IIII---won
IIII---IIII---won, IIII---IIII---won

This is the song that haunts
The Auk and the trumpeter swan
On went the smoke
And on went the walls
The last great extinction and with them we fall

Repeat Chorus

IIII---IIII---won, IIII---IIII---won, IIII---IIII---won

© 2013 Wolff Bowden