1. Run Run

From the recording Poems That Live As People

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Run, Run

I’m building this guitar as I play it
Splinters of things that I wanted but didn’t get
Words I’d saved like bones from little graves of regret / oh regret

Crush me up against the winter sun
And I won’t break apart
But if I do, the pieces were for you, all along
So pick them up
And run, run / run run / run run run run / run x2

Danny’s lungs were the gift of a dead man
And there in your perfect lips hangs a cigarette
It’s insane pretending that this place makes any sense / oh innocence


I saw dolphin skulls crushed by fishermen
I heard children singing in a tenement
I knew stars were just holes inside a circus tent
I saw light behind the eyes of all the little things we killed
And I grew still…I grew still…

And Kurt Cobain still lives in the rain of the Northwest, the Northwest

Repeat Chorus

© 2013 Wolff Bowden