1. Crawlspace

From the recording Poems That Live As People

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In the crawlspace
There are pipes bleeding your dreams
Hear them dripping
like a drive in movie screen
Where the actors do not flinch
When thunder claps the rain right into them

Kick the windshield!
Grab a torch grab a flint!
You are running, rattlesnake-bite tourniquet
You are bleeding but you will be whole again!

In the crawlspace
Shadows lurk that once were men
Tucked in corners
are the ghost comedians
Smoke screen money making schemes
And childrens’ birthday parties smothered them

Whoah, whoah, wahaoooh, wahaoooh, oh…

In the crawlspace
Insulation hangs in rags
You were married
To a wish you never had
all of it is coming true
While the cobwebs gather under you

© 2013-2016 Wolff Bowden