On The Night You Were Born: CD
  • On The Night You Were Born: CD
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Described as “Poetry With Wings” the early work of The Winterlings features 12 Songs and a Lullaby. “On The Night You Were Born” takes you on a journey with: orphans on an 1850’s train, a runaway bride in New Orleans, a lion-loving foster child and a shotgun-wielding father hunting his own cancer like a fox. With haunting vocals, Woody Guthrie style finger picking, intimately crafted lyrics and poignant violin, these songs soar like owls through a wild summer swamp.

John Connelly, PHD (The Institute for Survivors) described these songs as “Leonard Cohen on a rollercoaster.”

Willi Miller of NPR’s Arts Spotlight said, “The Music is Great. People are going to enjoy this.”

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