Welcome to Winterland, in the rainy wilds of Washington State, where we believe in making original, meaningful music with lyrics carved from the driftwood of life. We're an alternative folk duo with a full band sound featuring acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, violin, foot percussion, harmonica, and male-female vocal harmonies. We love the earth and telling the stories of those who roam upon her mountains and through her woods. Over the last decade, we have released five studio albums to critical acclaim from PASTE, No Depression & The Seattle Times. From sold out shows at top venues from coast to coast to performing on stage at the Lincoln Memorial during the Restore Civility Peace Rally in Washington, DC, our music has become a deep green thread in the fabric of Americana music.

Join us on the Journey of Songmaking by donating to our mission. When you donate $50 or more per year, we will send you new songs as we create them, rather than waiting until a full album is finished.  You become our partner in bringing original songs into the world! Thank You for supporting us and the organic farmers, mechanics, software makers and so many others who keep us on this creative road! To quote a line from a song we're recording now: "We are not alone in this." 

American Son

The Winterlings

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Last November, deep in meditation, Wolff was visited by the ghost of Leonard Cohen. “I saw his face in a black fog,” Wolff recalls. “I knew I had to write.” In the resulting song, the ghost sings: l am the ghost of Leonard Cohen, don’t you know? I am the one whose footprints vanished in the snow. I am the one who slit his wrist to ink these songs, to cover swastikas on bathroom walls. The Winterlings survived the rainiest winter in Seattle history while giving birth to their fourth album, American Son. The songs rose like mushrooms in defiance of the dark, and a line from “Puget Sound” describes it best: All this water taught us not to drown. We are at home in Puget Sound. American Son is filled with the stories of the duo’s favorite subjects: poems that live as people. One such poem-person traveled to India and bought a taxi driver a house, giving rise to “Birthplace.” Another made the Winterlings a leather journal where “Owl Mountain” took shape. As the song was being recorded, a nearly dead owl appeared in rural Florida and was rescued by Wolff’s nephew and niece (aged 6 & 3) who took “Murloc” to a bird sanctuary, and later released him into the wild. American Son is an album where: Salmon climb the mountainside with pieces of the ocean in their spines. Where a dandelion roars: here I am going white. Cut me down but you didn’t know I could fly. Where: the dead are still giving birth to all the light we have left. The album is an apple orchard grown above a graveyard, blossoms pink and swarmed with bees.

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